Bali Trip 2012 – Wina Holiday Villa

Our Bali trip is from 10th November till 14th November 2012. We stayed at Wina Holiday Villa, Kuta. Only 2 minutes walking distance to beach and 5 minutes to Beachwalk Mall. Awesome!!!

Our room is on 3rd floor. Room number 300.

The hotel provides wifi, however the signal didn’t reach our room. Pity us had to use wifi at the hotel lobby or cafe.

The sunrise here is around 5.30am local time. Breakfast time is from 7am till 10am. The food is 50-50, tasteless (in my opinion). Luckily they have egg counter served according to your liking. “One scramble egg please!!!”  Oh.. & they didn’t refill the food unless u ask them to. Sigh.. Better get up early to get nice seating by the pool.

Well.. the pool is nice but since we’re in Bali Island, really looking forward to go to sea side.. swimin’ swimin’ swimin’…  =)

 The food serve here is Halal and they also display the halal certificate at the counter. So Muslim visitor can eat at ease and enjoy their stay. Just a quick reminder, during the check in, they required you to pay deposits of idr 500,000.00 even if we already paid for the whole stay using credit card online. Luckily we had the money.. fuh!


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