Bali Trip 2012 – 2nd Day

Monkey Forest, Ubud, Bali

Our 2nd day start with a heavy breakfast at the hotel… around 9am the local guide fetch us at the lobby and bring us to the first attraction, Monkey Forest, Ubud.

awww… monkey live happily here. the surrounding is green, natural forest reserve.  Entrance fee is idr 20,000.00/pax. We can also feed the monkey but need to buy the provided banana from the main entrance.

Monkeys here are friendly. Lots of Banana = Happy Monkey

Just a few steps inside the forest you’ll see lots of monkeys by the side of the walkway with the visitor feeding the monkeys and taking their pictures.

The monkey forest is calm, peaceful with lush green surrounding.

Tegalalang (Rice Terrace)

Next stop is Tegalalang. To enter this area we need to pay idr 5000/person. When we arrive there, it is quite hot and i really can’t stand the heat. Its better to bring along water bottles. Our tour guide provide us 2 bottles each.

Hut by the terrace, soft breeze, tall cocos nucifera, makes up a beautiful scenery. Still..after few minutes, the sun rays start to burn my skin.. Hot!

Lots of people come here to take pictures and shop a bit.. We didn’t stay long but i still bought dresses here.. well..the urge to shop is there even if it is really hot and humid. =)

But it is cheaper to shop at the Krishna Mall,  with lots of options for souvenir. The dress i bought in tegalalang is idr80,000 but in Krishna only idr37,000. Stress….

After almost an hour, we’re off to Kintamani the Mountain Village.

Kintamani the Mountain Village

So we reach the kintamani in 5 min. Have to pay (again!!!) for the entrance idr 20,000.00 for both me and my hubby. I am still wondering.. is there a lot to see here since the pay is not cheap ok…

So.. here’s the view of the volcano.. Not much to see i guess.. Then the driver  shows us the restaurant with a nice view. So we had our lunch there. Cost us idr193,000.00  for buffet, 2 person include tax. The food is really bad. Only the sate is nice. Since the food is halal and they provide musollah here, we can’t complain.. right? Well the view is breathtaking. Am I the only one complaining? My hubby as always..calm and relax.. even tho he’s the one paying for food.. hehe..

Okay.. so i’m bored during this visit.. trying to cheer myself up.. Can we go now!!! Booorreeedddd..

Okay, so we leave immediately.. I hope the next stop will be much more interesting.. please no more expensive entrance fees.. duh!


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